Send your kids back to school with their vaccines up to date


National Immunization Awareness Month is a reminder that we all need vaccines throughout our lives.

Prevent scalds with a free bathwater tester [Video with tips]


A small plastic card and a few tips might be all you need to keep your baby from being accidentally scaled during bath time. For Baby Safety Month, Akron Children’s is offering a free bathwater temperature tester.

What’s on your back-to-school checklist? Dr. Dwyer shares 7 tips for how her family is getting ready


Many things are running through a parent’s mind this time of year. Back-to-school chaos and excitement are beginning, but a simple checklist can keep everyone on track and set the tone for the year – parents and kids alike. Pediatrician Jennifer Dwyer shares how her family is getting ready for a healthy, safe and happy start to the school year.

Momma knows best Pediatricians share parenting advice with other new moms

Candace with husband Mark and son Mark Jr.

There is a boom of babies at Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics, and it isn’t just the patients. Fifteen of our pediatricians are pregnant or recently welcomed a new baby to their family.

Is your baby protected? Vaccine-preventable diseases still circulate in U.S.


Parents have the power to protect their children in many ways. Giving babies the recommended immunizations by age 2 is the best way to protect them from 14 serious childhood diseases, like whooping cough and measles.

Doctors’ Day was like a big group hug


On March 30, we asked our Facebook fans to help us celebrate Doctors’ Day by offering a shout out to their favorite Akron Children’s Hospital doctors. The response was overwhelming.