NICU reunion set for June 20 at Akron Children’s Beeghly campus

Michael, Morgan and Mathew Robertson were born 11 weeks premature at the Akron Children’s NICU at St. Elizabeth in 2011.

Some 300 NICU graduates, their families and NICU and special care nursery doctors and staff are expected to attend Akron Children’s first NICU reunion in the Mahoning Valley on June 20 at our Beeghly campus. Reservations are requested by June 1 for this free event.

A day in the life of a clinical child psychologist

Geoffrey Putt, PhD

A self-described “jack of all trades,” Dr. Putt joined Akron Children’s in 2009 as director of outpatient therapy services in a role that is as unique as he is. “I feel like you need to feed your soul with things you’re passionate about,” he said. “I like to build and grow programs. I love to teach. I picked the areas of psychology that I’m passionate about and am lucky enough to have a position that caters to that.”

Tiny Hearts, Big Responsibilities: Akron Children’s cardiologists honored at Heart Ball events


An Akron Children’s Hospital pediatric cardiologist Dr. Peter Vande Kappelle, Jr. and one of his mentors, Dr. Chandrakant Patel, were honored as “Heart Champions” at two separate American Heart Association Heart Ball events in February in Youngstown and Akron, respectively.

A day in the life of a registered dietitian

Danielle Dimengo

Danielle Dimengo grew up with an interest in diabetes because her brother is a Type I diabetic. Today, she spends most days seeing patients in Akron Children’s center for diabetes and endocrinology, where she assesses annual labs, medications and growth, and reviews proper carb counting and general nutrition in the context of her patients’ lives.

Paramedic fosters donation of “angel gowns” for grieving families

Angel gowns

MIchelle Myers contacted Michelle Matthews of “Angel Gowns by Michelle” back in November 2014, and within weeks the hospital received 25 gowns, caps and little wraps for micro-preemies. Matthews has been making these gowns, most of them not much longer than a pencil to fit these tiniest of babies, after seeing first-hand while working in a NICU the grief parents go through after losing a newborn.

Change Bandit spotlight: 4 year old doing his part


James is an active preschooler. He loves to run and enjoys being outdoors. He also puts his extra energy to good use by raising funds for Akron Children’s Hospital.