What parents should know about pinkeye

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Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, means just that: Your eye is pink. So, there can be many causes for a pink or reddish eye. Anything from seasonal allergies to lodged foreign bodies to bacterial and viral infections can cause irritation in a child’s eye.

Clubs for Kids Golf Classic nets nearly $60,000 for Akron Children’s Mahoning Valley


The 4th annual Clubs for Kids Golf Classic to benefit Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley was held Friday, Aug. 1, at the Youngstown Country Club. A total of 36 teams and 144 golfers participated. The event raised nearly $60,000, bringing the 4-year total to more than $200,000 for Akron Children’s Mahoning Valley programs and services. […]

What you should know about feeding baby solid food

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New parents are often anxious to start their babies on solid food, thinking that will help them sleep through the night. Unfortunately, that’s a myth that’s been disproven time and time again.

8 ways to help your child make friends


For some kids, making friends seems to come easily, while others need a little extra help. But like all social skills, making friends is a skill that must be taught.

A day in the life of a mental health technician

Adam Bonezzi

Adam Bonezzi wants to change people’s perceptions about what he does as a mental health technician on Akron Children’s Hospital’s inpatient psychiatric unit.

Girls and heavy menstrual bleeding: When it may be time to see a specialist


For young women starting their menstrual cycles, many questions may arise for them about what’s normal and what’s irregular when it comes to their period. The range of what’s normal with a young woman’s period is broad.