Pipe dreams are more of a nightmare (VIDEO)


It’s hip, it’s trendy and it smells nice, but hookah pipe smoking is just as dangerous as cigarettes. In this video, Dr. Rajeev Bhatia, a pediatric pulmonologist at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the hazards and myths surrounding the use of this elegant device.

Mumps are anything but swell (VIDEO)


Although vaccines have nearly eliminated this once common childhood disease in the U.S., mumps is still a concern throughout much of the undeveloped world, and has had several recent outbreaks stateside.

Breastfeeding in public is natural, healthy for infants (VIDEO)


Breastfeeding is a natural, healthy way to ensure infants have the nutrition they need to begin a lifetime of growth and development. In this video, Akron Children’s lactation consultant Liz Maseth is joined by several moms as they discuss the appropriateness and importance of breastfeeding outside the home.

Preparation, education are keys to gun safety (VIDEO)


Nearly 3.3 million American children live in households with firearms that are, at times, kept loaded and unlocked, according to Safe Kids USA. In this video, injury prevention coordinator Gia Ramsey emphasizes the importance of education and common sense when keeping kids safe in households with guns.

MyPlate provides a serving of nutritional help (VIDEO)

MyPlate graphic

Introduced in 2011, MyPlate was created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide families with a simple tool to help them enjoy a healthy diet. In this video, dietitian Cathy Wills discusses how MyPlate encourages a more balanced diet and smaller portion sizes.

Lebron James receives warm welcome back from hospital patients, staff (VIDEO)


The patients and staff at Akron Children’s Hospital aren’t shy when it comes to expressing how they feel about LeBron James’ return to northeast Ohio. Welcome home!