Whether you’re a parent of an infant and toddler or school-age kids and teens, you probably have a zillion questions about your children. What’s normal? What should I expect when my child is sick? When should I call the doctor? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this section.

Reducing the risk of prematurity with progesterone

As moms seek new and better ways to prevent prematurity, many are looking to progesterone treatments to help reduce their risk of prematurity by as much as 45%. “Progesterone treatments help maintain a supportive environment for the developing fetus, which increases a woman’s chance of delivering a healthy, full-term baby,” said Dr. Stephen Crane, chairman […]

Infographic: Prematurity awareness by the numbers

When a woman becomes pregnant, she’s inundated with information that often includes numbers – blood pressure count, weight gain, weeks gestation and the list goes on. One statistic she may not be aware of is that prematurity – a baby born more than 3 weeks early – is the No. 1 cause of infant death. […]

Snuff out secondhand smoke

Thinking of lighting up? Before you strike that match, you might want to know that cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, including hundreds that are toxic. About 70 of these chemicals have been linked to cancer. “For children and others around you who breathe in the secondhand smoke, the effects may be even more […]

Kids and Diabetes: Join the Eat Well, America! Campaign to help stop diabetes

As an individual, what can you do to help stop diabetes? You can do a lot simply by instilling good eating habits in your own home. Get an abundance of nutritional help by joining the Eat Well, America!sm campaign championed by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

AAP releases new safety recommendations for youth football

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued new tackling guidelines last week to improve the safety of all youth football players on the field. The recommendations were compiled after an AAP committee reviewed 114 research studies.

MyChart connects patients to their doctors 24/7

When medical questions pop up in the middle of the night or on a weekend when the doctor’s office is closed, many parents hit the Web for answers. MyChart is changing all that.