Whether you’re a parent of an infant and toddler or school-age kids and teens, you probably have a zillion questions about your children. What’s normal? What should I expect when my child is sick? When should I call the doctor? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this section.

Pipe dreams are more of a nightmare (VIDEO)


It’s hip, it’s trendy and it smells nice, but hookah pipe smoking is just as dangerous as cigarettes. In this video, Dr. Rajeev Bhatia, a pediatric pulmonologist at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the hazards and myths surrounding the use of this elegant device.

Cooperation between families and schools essential to ensure successful 504 Plan execution


If you’re confused about the role a 504 education plan can play in your child’s education, you aren’t alone. Many parents don’t fully understand what 504 plans are meant to accomplish or whether their child’s school is obligated to make allowances for one.

Kids and diabetes: Find balance by combining exercise, healthy foods


A happy balance in life makes for happy people. And balance can be especially important for children with diabetes, who need to combine the right amounts of exercise and nutrition to maintain good health. So . . . what are the “right” amounts? Exercise Children with diabetes should get a good session of heart-pumping exercise every […]

Akron Children’s sees rise in respiratory infections


A spike in acute respiratory illness in children seems to be coinciding with the back-to-school season, and a small number of cases have been more severe.

Mumps are anything but swell (VIDEO)


Although vaccines have nearly eliminated this once common childhood disease in the U.S., mumps is still a concern throughout much of the undeveloped world, and has had several recent outbreaks stateside.

What parents should know about pinkeye

Photo: Wikipedia

Pinkeye, or conjunctivitis, means just that: Your eye is pink. So, there can be many causes for a pink or reddish eye. Anything from seasonal allergies to lodged foreign bodies to bacterial and viral infections can cause irritation in a child’s eye.