Whether you’re a parent of an infant and toddler or school-age kids and teens, you probably have a zillion questions about your children. What’s normal? What should I expect when my child is sick? When should I call the doctor? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this section.

Kids and Diabetes: Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Vision


People who have diabetes are at higher risk of developing eye complications. Fortunately, you can help prevent problems.

Allergy shots are nothing to sneeze at (Video)


While they aren’t a cure, allergy shots can reduce or eliminate the need for daily, long-term allergy medications in children. In this Children’s Channel video, Dr. Rajeev Kishore, the director of allergy/immunology at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses who may be a candidate for this allergy treatment alternative.

Doctors share thoughts on the science of Inside Out

Cast of characters from Inside Out (Image source)

Tropical Storm Bill wasn’t the only thing dropping moisture as it spread across the United States this weekend. While the wet weather outside inspired many parents to treat their kids to the new Pixar movie, Inside Out, there weren’t many dry adult eyes in the theater as this sentimental movie about emotions proved it isn’t […]

When and how to use short-term asthma control medications


Now that school is out, it may be a little bit easier to get the kids out of bed in the morning. The final days of school spent battling spring fever while taking exams have been replaced by swimming, playing ball and just running around the backyard in search of adventure. But for as many […]

Know the role of long-term asthma control medications


While many people breathe a sigh of relief when spring arrives, the 7 million American children who have asthma may simply find it more difficult to breathe. Spring ushers in the pollen season, which may trigger allergies that lead to asthma.

Kids love to laugh, even when they’re sick

Dr. Michael Bigham and Mason Clemmer

In the 1998 movie Patch Adams, Robin Williams portrayed the story of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams and his book, Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter. The gist of the story – and Dr. Adams’ approach to medicine in real life – is that his patients’ health improves when laughter and compassion are included as […]