Mumps are anything but swell (VIDEO)


Although vaccines have nearly eliminated this once common childhood disease in the U.S., mumps is still a concern throughout much of the undeveloped world, and has had several recent outbreaks stateside.

Breastfeeding in public is natural, healthy for infants (VIDEO)


Breastfeeding is a natural, healthy way to ensure infants have the nutrition they need to begin a lifetime of growth and development. In this video, Akron Children’s lactation consultant Liz Maseth is joined by several moms as they discuss the appropriateness and importance of breastfeeding outside the home.

What you should know about feeding baby solid food

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New parents are often anxious to start their babies on solid food, thinking that will help them sleep through the night. Unfortunately, that’s a myth that’s been disproven time and time again.

Inside baby’s diaper: Decoding infant stool colors

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From insufficient nutrition to allergies and infections, so much about an infant’s health can be learned from inside a dirty diaper. It offers a wealth of information, but many moms find themselves spending too much time and energy analyzing and decoding their infants’ stool colors.

Car seats protect your precious cargo (VIDEO)


When used properly, child car restraints have been proven to reduce injury or death by as much as 82 percent. In this Children’s Channel video, Heather Trnka, injury prevention coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the types of car seats available, as well as their appropriate use.

Middle school math teacher experiences love squared this Mother’s Day with mono mono twins (Photo gallery)

Sarah and her husband, Bill, discovered she was pregnant with monoamniotic twins, a rare condition where the twins share an amniotic sack. When twins share an amniotic sack, there are many risks to monitor. The twins’ umbilical cords can become entangled or compressed. And there’s a risk that one fetus’ cord might wrap around the other one’s neck.