When and how to use short-term asthma control medications


Now that school is out, it may be a little bit easier to get the kids out of bed in the morning. The final days of school spent battling spring fever while taking exams have been replaced by swimming, playing ball and just running around the backyard in search of adventure. But for as many […]

Know the role of long-term asthma control medications


While many people breathe a sigh of relief when spring arrives, the 7 million American children who have asthma may simply find it more difficult to breathe. Spring ushers in the pollen season, which may trigger allergies that lead to asthma.

9 tips for sending your kid off to college


Oh, the dreaded “college drop off.” It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It reminds me of when I put the boys on the bus for the first time in kindergarten. I had conflicting feelings of pride, fear, relief, sadness and joy. Gabe, the oldest of my 2 sons, went to college […]

How to Manage Your Child’s Diabetes while Traveling

3 Young Girls Ice Cream Cones Summer

When your child has diabetes, traveling requires extra thought. To keep plans on track, be prepared for unexpected problems or schedule changes. Then relax and enjoy a wonderful family vacation!

5 tips for talking to your teens about drugs and alcohol

Dr. Sarah Adams with Gabe and Ben

When I have conversations with my sons Gabe and Ben, I sometimes randomly say, “Hey, don’t use crack!” This really grabs their attention, and then the real conversation starts. Don’t be afraid to have conversations with your teenagers about drugs, alcohol and tobacco. These conversations need to happen over and over. Listen to them and […]

Prom and end of school year can be stressful for teens


In the weeks leading up to prom and the end of the school year, Akron Children’s Hospital’s mental health providers often see an uptick in calls, appointments and hospital admissions.