Education, lifestyle are keys to managing diabetes (VIDEO)


Whether by birth or by lifestyle, diabetes has become a growing concern for children in the United States. In this video, Dr. Cydney Fenton, director of diabetes and endocrinology at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the treatment and possible prevention of this chronic disease.

A cough that won’t go away may be symptom of asthma (VIDEO)


Although it is probably best known for the wheezing “attacks,” a cough that just won’t go away may be a better indicator that a child is struggling with asthma. In this video, Dr. Gregory Omlor, director of pulmonary medicine at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses these and other symptoms of the most common chronic childhood disease.

Before playing pat-a-cake, learn the facts of hand hygiene


Washing your hands seems so simple. Yet many of us can use a refresher in this basic skill – especially when we are responsible for our children’s hand hygiene.

Kids and Diabetes: How to prepare for emergencies, disasters

Flickr/ Rachel Larue

As the parent of a child with diabetes, you may occasionally worry about emergencies or disaster scenarios. What if you’re without power for an extended period of time? What if your child’s school goes into lockdown?

Concussions twice as likely in softball vs baseball players, study shows


I learned from a recent study that girls who play fast pitch softball are at a higher risk of concussion than boys who play high school baseball. That same study also showed that softball pitchers also suffer fewer shoulder and elbow injuries than baseball players. You may be as surprised as I was to learn the reasons why.

Dry air causes most nosebleeds (VIDEO)


Contrary to popular belief, it’s best to tip your head forward when you have a nosebleed. In this video, Dr. Corrie Stofcho, a pediatric hospitalist at Akron Children’s Hospital, offers this tip and other strategies to stop nosebleeds, as well as prevent them from happening.