The AAP Recommends Later School Start Times for Teens


An occasional late night and early morning start is fine for most teenagers. But what happens when teens consistently don’t get enough zzzs? They end up sleep deprived, which may lead to physical and mental health issues and impact how well they learn in school.

Make the most of a child’s “extra” time (VIDEO)


Extracurricular activities can provide children with fond memories and learning experiences that may shape their lives for many years to come. In this video, child psychologist Geoffrey Putt discusses the role parents can play in ensuring a healthy balance in the amount and type of these activities.

New clinic aims to help every child succeed in school


Identifying the cause of a learning problem and coming up with an action plan can make all the difference in a child’s achievement. Akron Children’s School Success Clinic offers families the expertise of developmental-behavioral pediatricians, speech pathologists and psychologists.

Kids and diabetes: What your child’s sitters and grandparents need to know


Raising children is bound to be nerve-racking at times, and a diagnosis of diabetes can amp up a parent’s stress level. To relieve stress – for both you and your child – it’s important to sometimes rely on babysitters and grandparents. Here is basic information your child’s babysitters and grandparents should know:

Promising food allergy treatments for children on the horizon


Researchers are testing promising new treatments for food allergies. A recent article on NBCNews.com points to 2 treatments that are desensitizing children who suffer from common food allergies and giving them the chance to taste foods that once would have sent them straight to the hospital.

Immunization is the key to preventing measles (Video)


Once considered eradicated from the United States, the familiar red rash associated with measles has made a comeback as immunization levels have dropped in some areas of the country.

In this video, pediatrician Carrie Bohenick discusses the rash and other symptoms of this potentially-dangerous viral disease, as well as the role of immunizations in preventing its spread.