Inside baby’s diaper: Decoding infant stool colors

CC Flickr / stevendepolo

From insufficient nutrition to allergies and infections, so much about an infant’s health can be learned from inside a dirty diaper. It offers a wealth of information, but many moms find themselves spending too much time and energy analyzing and decoding their infants’ stool colors.

Don’t let bedbugs hitch a ride home with you from summer vacation


If you’re planning a summer vacation the last thing you want to do is bring unwelcome guests home with you, especially ones that bite. Some hotels and motels are crawling – literally – with bedbugs. So what can you do to protect your family?

New study finds fault in hyperspecialization in youth sports

10-year-old soccer players. CC/Flick photo by reid.neureiter

Hyperspecialization, when kids give up all other sports to focus in on one year-round, seems like the obvious track in building a star player. But, a recent study from UCLA proves diversification at a young age actually has more performance benefits in the long run.

AAP updates recommendations for well-child visits Screening for depression, HIV and alcohol or drug use in teens among changes


Is your child’s regular doctor’s office visit coming up? If so, you may notice some changes during his or her appointment. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated their guidelines for screenings and assessments of patients during well-child visits.

Distracted drivers aren’t getting the message (Video)


At highway speeds, a car travels more than a football field in the time it takes a driver to send the average text message. In this Children’s Channel video, Heather Trnka, injury prevention coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses texting and other distractions that create life-threatening situations for drivers and passengers alike.

How to tell if your child is ready to stay home alone (Video)


When are children old enough to be left home alone? This is the question facing many parents as their children near their teen years and are looking for a little more independence.