Prom and end of school year can be stressful for teens


In the weeks leading up to prom and the end of the school year, Akron Children’s Hospital’s mental health providers often see an uptick in calls, appointments and hospital admissions.

Confessions of prenatal ultrasound techs

From peace signs and waves to martial arts kicks, prenatal ultrasound techs Shelly Kemppel (on left) and Jen Burnett have seen it all.

A YouTube video of an ultrasound showing a 14-week-old fetus clapping while her parents sing, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” generated all sorts of online discussions about whether this was indeed possible. Can the fetus react to sounds, music and the like? Or was it a reflex like the hiccups? What exactly does go on in there?

Sport specialization debate: Are kids winning or losing by focusing on one sport year-round?

CC Flickr/USAG Livorno PAO

A recent study published in Sports Health medical journal revealed negative consequences to sport specialization in youth. Though we’ve debated on this subject before, there’s now evidence to support young athletes should play multiple sports. In addition to the increased risk of overuse injuries and burnout, it also pointed to kids missing out on other […]

11 ways to help your child deal with springtime allergies

Approximately 1 in 5 children and adults suffer from springtime allergies.

After an especially harsh winter in Ohio, spring is finally here. Yet, all those pretty blooms can cause ugly problems for your child – in the form of springtime allergies.

Is long distance running bad for my child’s knees?


That first sunny, spring day is an exciting time to lace up the running shoes and hit the track, road or trail. Not only can running feel good, but the health benefits are well known. It improves cardiovascular function, lowers body mass index (BMI), increases bone density, and decreases risk of stroke and high blood pressure. It also has positive effects on our mental health and mood.

Internet can be a “virtually” dangerous place for children (Video)


Bullies, predators and other dangers facing children are increasingly using the Internet to make their presence felt. In this video, Dr. Laura Rocker, medical director for Akron Children’s Partial Hospitalization Program, offers tips on when children may be ready for an Internet-capable device, and what parents can do to protect kids when they start tapping away on their new cell phone.