How to talk to your kids about Ebola

  Child psychologist Georgette Constantinou shares these tips for parents who want to ease their children’s concerns about the Ebola virus: Keep calm while discussing this topic with your children and use age appropriate language. Listen to them and gauge what they are hearing and are worried about, and acknowledge their fears. Reassure them that […]

The gray area of disciplining children

As child abuse allegations continue to make front-page news, WAKR’S Ray Horner recently spoke with pediatric psychologist Geoffrey Putt, director of outpatient therapy centers at Akron Children’s Hospital, about discipline techniques and positive parenting. “Many people do what they were taught…and if that [spanking] is what you learned and experienced, it puts you in a […]

8 ways to help your child make friends

For some kids, making friends seems to come easily, while others need a little extra help. But like all social skills, making friends is a skill that must be taught.

Smartphones aren’t so smart in the bedroom

The temptation to remain connected to family and friends — even the office — in this digital age is powerful. For many, the lure continues even when we turn in and the lights go out. But smartphones in the bedroom is leading to a rise in insomnia, according to a recent article in The New […]

Parent mentors provide connection to experiences and resources

For the parents of a child with a serious injury or illness, the fear and uncertainty they face may be overwhelming. But now a helping hand or experienced ear is just a few mouse clicks away.

Why kids cheat and 6 ways to prevent it

Cheating is rampant in our society – from athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs to financiers who cheat investors out of millions. With this emphasis on winning at any cost, it should come as no surprise that cheating is also commonplace in our schools.