Learning a lot from Summer Pediatric Research Scholars Program

Jessica Walpole

Orientation, presentations, reading journal articles, collecting data, walks after lunch, shadowing, manuscripts, group meetings, rounds, data analysis… I could describe my first six weeks of Akron Children’s Summer Pediatric Research Scholars (SPRS) Program as nothing less than amazing.

How Lean Six Sigma Can Benefit Healthcare Research

A Lean project helped sterile processing reconfigure existing space and processes for more efficiencies

Applying the principles of Lean Six Sigma to clinical research is a natural fit as the process is very similar to the scientific method, according to Akron Children’s Hospital’s Dr. David Chand.

Ohio’s children’s hospitals share solutions for safety

NICU nurse practitioner checks on a preemie

The whole nation is looking to Ohio when it comes to keeping kids safe when they need to be hospitalized. Akron Children’s Hospital and the seven other pediatric hospitals in the state have teamed up to improve the quality of care and reduce adverse safety events. Their collaboration since 2009 has resulted in a: 60 […]

Teen brain more vulnerable to sports hits

Teen brain takes biggest sports hits

Any parent who has raised a child to adulthood knows the teenage brain is, well, different. This anecdotal evidence continues to be backed by research, including a recent study that shows teens are more vulnerable to the long-term effects of head injury. The study findings, published in the journal Brain Injury, followed 96 male athletes […]

Telehealth program to increase access to behavioral health care


Children with mental health issues won’t have to travel far to receive care, thanks to a grant from the Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation in Hudson. The foundation recently awarded Akron Children’s a $463,593 grant to create a new telehealth program. With a shortage of pediatric behavioral health specialists, patients often need to travel long distances, […]

Research to test whether magnetic device can reduce surgeries in early onset scoliosis

Dr. Todd Ritzman shows off a prototype of new spinal device

It’s exciting to see how far an idea can go. Yesterday, at a press conference in downtown Akron, an idea was unveiled – an idea that has the potential to help children, advance medical science, and create jobs. The Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron (ABIA) announced the formation of APTO Orthopaedics, the first medical device […]