Families share their experiences with Akron Children's Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit.

Cherishing memories made over course of NICU career


Since entering nursing school in 1980, I have made the trek from home to Belmont Ave. My name has changed, my starting point from home has changed, my position has changed from student nurse to nurse assistant to RN to NICU nurse. The one constant has been the building I entered to care for my patients. That all changed on April 7.

How nice for the NICU families to have a cozy, private space of their own

Jack, Lena and Ellie

When you’re the parent of a NICU graduate and you hear that the unit your baby was in is moving to a new space where each family will have a private room, it almost makes you want to come back. Almost.

The big move of our smallest patients (Photo gallery & video)

NICU move from Youngstown to Boardman

Moving 12 medically fragile babies from a NICU in Youngstown to a new one is Boardman takes a great deal of planning and hard work. I’ve been in the meetings and have heard the conversations, but when the day arrived, everyone did their part to make it a smooth transition for baby and our patient families.

Mahoning Valley NICU preparing for change


The neonatal intensive care staff at Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley is preparing for a move to a brand-new NICU located at St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, and with that move come feelings of excitement and intimidation.

Finishing touches to New NICU begins


Now that Akron Children’s has been handed the keys for its new neonatal intensive care unit at St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, all of the hard work from the past 18 months will be put into practice.

Sweet memories: Bringing treats to thank NICU and Reinberger Family Center staff

Bekah and her grandma give lollipops to the NICU

Our trip to Akron Children’s Hospital in January included more than just Bekah’s eye exam. After leaving Dr. Lawhon’s office, we ran (really ran, it was FREEZING out there) out to the top level of the Locust Street parking garage so we could take a look at the progress the construction crews have been making on the new tower.