What to expect during your child’s sedation procedure

Katie Hixon talks with family before the sedation procedure.

Coming to the hospital for a test or procedure can be a scary thought for children of all ages. Some hospital tests may be uncomfortable or last for over an hour, making them especially difficult for young children to tolerate.

Am I part of the In Crowd? Observation versus inpatient admission


Has this scenario ever happened to you? You rush your child to the Emergency department. And while she starts looking a little better, you’re frightened at the prospect of being sent home in case things take a turn for the worse. Then the doctor comes in to calm your fears – or does he?

Involving parents and patients in hospital rounds 4 tips to get the most out of family-centered rounds


Akron Children’s, like many other children’s hospitals, considers parents to be vital members of the hospital care team and uses a process called family-centered rounds to improve communication, patient care and teaching.

Doctors help parents understand what happens in a children’s hospital with new blog

Care team at the PICU bedside

Akron Children’s Hospital is pleased to announce a new blog called On The Floor, which is aimed at helping parents understand what happens in a children’s hospital during those times your child needs it.