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Jordan’s first visit to the ER

We are always up for a little adventure, but a lot of adventure is a lot overwhelming. Jordan came home from his first day of school telling us that he hit his head on the concrete floor. This seemed a little odd since his teacher had not said anything about Jordan getting hurt. I was […]

Bekah’s 4th birthday brings a wiser mommy

Today Bekah turns 4. I almost can’t believe it. Chris has gone to work, and Bekah and Sam are both still asleep. I have a million different things I should be doing. Instead, I am laying in bed, typing this, thinking of how different my life was just 4 years ago. At this very moment […]

Dream becomes reality with new handicapped-accessible home

This will definitely be a summer for the books. After spending the summer building our handicapped-accessible home, we’re sharing it with others during the Medina Parade of Homes.

Going out of the way for MRI results

For the first time we didn’t have a cardiology appointment in September. We’re spreading them out to a little over a year apart for the next few appointments so they won’t fall during the school year. Instead, Bekah had an appointment with Dr. Lawhon, eye doctor extraordinaire.

Day rehab grad

We officially have a muscle school graduate. What an amazing journey. We could not have asked for a better experience. We watched Jordan go from externally rotating his right leg out before surgery, to wincing at each crawl, to attempting to stand with his walker, getting new bracing to help with support, walking so tall with his braces and keeping his toes pointed forward, going the distance then walking with canes.

Akron Children’s ambulance is one of the most beautiful vehicles on earth

I grew up seeing cars every day. My dad owns an auto body repair shop. But there is vehicle that always stops me in my tracks, brings a tear to my eye, and a prayer to my heart – Akron Children’s transport van.