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The sleep of innocence


Bekah is asleep right now, and if I wasn’t sure the flash of light would wake her, I’d take a picture of how incredibly adorable she is. Tonight is the first time she took something to bed with her.

Bekah-proofing Sam


I’ve recently come to the realization that babyproofing with a 2 year old in the house is a nearly impossible task. You’d think that since Sam is baby number 2 to come through the house we’d have everything totally babyproofed already.

The road leading to the light at the end of the tunnel

Yellow headband

From sepsis to open heart surgery to getting the breathing tube removed, a lot has happened to Harper Cunningham in the weeks she has been in the PICU.

A new surprise: Being admitted in the PICU

Holding mommy

I never thought the morning I brought my daughter to Akron Children’s ER that I would still be sitting here in the hospital, 31 days later. The first week of May I started to notice some signs that concerned me. Harper was paler than normal, coughing, but not a sick cough, and didn’t seem like herself. I called her cardiologist to get his opinion. He said it sounded like her failure was getting worse, which was expected. He wanted her cough checked out to make sure nothing else was going on.

Our faith helps us in both good and hard times


As we’ve journeyed through, life, we have come to rely more and more on our faith to carry us through the good and the hard times. We understand only so much of what happens is truly in our control. We feel that God has brought each member of our family together on purpose.

At 6 months, Sam’s an eater, even with his allergy to cow milk proteins


Now that Sam is 6 months old, Bekah finally has something new to say when people ask her about her brother. Thank goodness. Her old standby had been a description of how he ate, with a brief period where she told everyone about his “boy parts,” which once even led to a discussion of how many different words for her own parts she had.