Every week, Dr. Joe Congeni, the director of Sports Medicine at Akron Children's Hospital, discusses timely topics for a sports medicine segment on WAKR 1590 AM’s Ray Horner Morning Show.

Elbow injuries continue to skyrocket among elite pitchers

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With baseball buzz afoot as we anxiously awaited the Indians’ home opener, there was a lot of discussion about the increasing numbers of UCL injuries, or elbow injuries, in MLB star pitchers. Last year, Major League Baseball reported 12 ulnar collateral tears in March alone and a total of 30 for the season.

Physicians skip to a new beat when treating common overuse foot injuries in dancers

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Spring has sprung, and that means dance performances abound. Unfortunately, that also means so do overuse injuries from practicing moves over and over again to perfect them.

New technology aims to improve treatment for kneecap dislocations

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Local researchers, including our Department of Orthopedics Chairman Dr. Kerwyn Jones, recently received a $30,000 grant to study the use of a computerized mapping system during surgery to repair patellar joint, or kneecap, injuries.

Concussions’ long-term effects lead to NFL early retirement for some players

At age 24, not even yet in his prime as an NFL player, Chris Borland told his team he was retiring because he was worried about the long-term effects of head trauma.

In the last month, Chris Borland, Jake Locker and Cortland Finnegan all called it quits from their football career because of the long-term implications of concussions. They say the pressure to mask injuries to get back on the field and the accumulation of sub-concussive blows are putting their health at risk.

Ultrasound emerging as important diagnostic tool in sports medicine


Though ultrasound technology is nothing new in health care, it’s become an emerging and exciting tool in sports medicine in recent years. It’s being used in several ways to help us diagnose patients and avoid the use of time-consuming, costly equipment like MRI scanners.

CME conference to cover hottest issues in adolescent sports medicine

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On Friday, March 6, we’re bringing in local and national speakers to talk about today’s hot issues in adolescent sports medicine. We’ll cover everything from sports nutrition and supplementation to hip arthroscopy for labral tears, to the 2 newest approaches to ACL surgery. My talk will focus on the elbow’s UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) and a common myth associated with it.