Every week, Dr. Joe Congeni, the director of Sports Medicine at Akron Children's Hospital, discusses timely topics for a sports medicine segment on WAKR 1590 AM’s Ray Horner Morning Show.

Beware of altitude sickness when hiking in the mountains

Backpacking in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

With school out and summer in full swing, family vacations abound. But, it’s not just about beach adventures anymore. Many families are planning mountain hikes in the nearby Appalachians or even across the country in the Rockies. But with that, we must be aware of altitude sickness, or acute mountain sickness.

Clearing up common myths about soccer and concussions

CC Flickr/Bob-Bradburn

With soccer on the brain these last few weeks during the U.S.A. team’s most recent appearance in the FIFA World Cup, I wanted to clear up a few misunderstood facts about the high-energy sport and concussions while I was in studio with WAKR morning show host Ray Horner.

Top draft picks receive devastating results after sports physicals

Žydrūnas Ilgauskas talking with Cavaliers coach Mike Brown.  In tall, large basketball players the bone in the middle of the foot can be a problem.  It made life miserable for IIgauskas.

It’s been an unfortunate week in sports news. Two promising basketball centers received devastating, career-altering results from their NBA physicals that have led to a drop in the draft boards – if not elimination entirely.

New study finds fault in hyperspecialization in youth sports

10-year-old soccer players. CC/Flick photo by reid.neureiter

Hyperspecialization, when kids give up all other sports to focus in on one year-round, seems like the obvious track in building a star player. But, a recent study from UCLA proves diversification at a young age actually has more performance benefits in the long run.

President Obama leads initiative to prevent concussions in our youth

Obama Concussion Summit

Yesterday, I visited WAKR morning show host Ray Horner in studio to discuss President Obama’s announcement to commit $85 million for youth sports concussions. We also talked about Carlos Santana’s recent concussion and placement on the disabled list.

Dr. Congeni offers insight behind Serge Ibaka’s amazing turnaround from “tennis leg”

Serge Ibaka

Oklahoma City Thunder player Serge Ibaka’s miraculous recovery from a recent “tennis leg” injury has people scratching their heads. First, we heard he was out for the rest of the play-offs. One week later, he was back on the court and the series is now tied 2-2.