Staff Picks: Free (or almost free) summer fun

With a playground and vintage amusement rides, Tuscora Park is a favorite destination for the Neidermeyer family.

The kids have been on summer break for about 2 weeks, and I’m guessing most parents have already heard those dreaded 2 words, “I’m bored.” Don’t fret. Boredom is actually quite good for kids and may, according to parent experts, be the best way to inspire creativity and promote self-reliance. But with the unstructured weeks ahead, […]

Former preemie offers unique perspective to parents as NICU nurse

Ashley Morales

Ashley Morales is a nurse in the Beeghly campus neonatal intensive-care unit, but rewind nearly 29 years ago and she was a NICU patient herself after being delivered at just 28 weeks at St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital among a set of triplets.

A day in the life of a nursing coordinator

Michelle Weber

Kris McCully, Katy Howell and Michelle Weber may all have the word “coordinator” in their titles, but their jobs as nurse coordinators couldn’t be more different.

Confessions of prenatal ultrasound techs

From peace signs and waves to martial arts kicks, prenatal ultrasound techs Shelly Kemppel (on left) and Jen Burnett have seen it all.

A YouTube video of an ultrasound showing a 14-week-old fetus clapping while her parents sing, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” generated all sorts of online discussions about whether this was indeed possible. Can the fetus react to sounds, music and the like? Or was it a reflex like the hiccups? What exactly does go on in there?

A day in the life of an occupational therapist

Kara Sheesley and Aubrey

Kara Sheesley has a funny way of making her job as an occupational therapist at Akron Children’s Beeghly campus look like child’s play. She runs, crawls, swings and plays patty cake as part of a master therapeutic plan to get her patients on track.

A day in the life of radiology techs

Brock Baumberger conducts head CT scan

Registered radiology technologists Brock Baumberger, Heather Parsons and Kadi Untch started their careers at Akron Children’s while students at the University of Akron and Akron Children’s Radiography School. Today the 3 are full-time employees in the radiology department, specializing in different imaging technologies.