Miss Karen opens up her closet for children in need


It wasn’t long after Karen Ingram of Akron Children’s Locust Pediatric Care Group noticed a few refugee families in need that she took matters into her own hands. As a mother herself,she felt compelled to help these families whose children were in desperate need of the most basic necessities.

NICU nurse honored for dedication, caring attitude

Rita Vitale, RN, teaches a new mom different massage techniques on her son, Giovanni, in the NICU.

Rita Vitale, RN, strives to involve parents in the care of their baby and to keep the NICU safe. Recently, she was honored with the Faces of Care Award for her dedication to her patients, families and co-workers.

Giving the gift of life through blood donation

Thomas was nervous to donate blood for the first time.

When Angela Eaton was 9 years old, her mother was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Throughout the years, she required many blood transfusions and two kidney transplants. As Eaton grew up, she knew she wanted to help her mom and others like her in any way possible. As soon as she was eligible, she went […]

A day in the life of a mental health technician

Adam Bonezzi

Adam Bonezzi wants to change people’s perceptions about what he does as a mental health technician on Akron Children’s Hospital’s inpatient psychiatric unit.

A day in the life of facility repair engineers

Matt Hirsch reports a problem with a yellow elevator

Tim Crowe began his career at Akron Children’s Hospital in 1990 as a phlebotomist in the lab. Today he is the man in charge of the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system for the engineering and facility repair department.

A Day in the Life of Hospital Operators


In the 3 years that Reva Golden has worked as a telephone operator at Akron Children’s Hospital, she’s never had to perform a code yellow (external disaster) overhead page that wasn’t a drill – until today.