From the way we build connections with our patients to the way we push the limits of medicine, working at Akron Children’s Hospital is a one-of-a-kind experience.

A day in the life of burn technicians

Caring for both children and adults with burns can be a tough job. Paul Bevere, who works full-time as a fireman for the city of Kent and who has also been a part-time burn tech at Akron Children’s on and off since 1985, and burn tech Jamie Lucie know firsthand.

A ‘people doctor’ Dr. Potts’ passion for helping children goes far beyond Ohio

When you’re little, meeting a doctor for the first time can be scary. Doctors wear white coats, use funny-looking tools and always ask a lot of questions. As part of an ongoing series, we’re interviewing our new doctors to help patient families find common ground so they see our doctors as not only clinically astute, but also full of personality that makes them uniquely Children’s. For our first profile, we talked with hospitalist and global health doctor Brittany Potts.

Dragon boat racing proves to be boat loads of fun but not without challenges

No one knew what to expect prior to race day. Many of us were recruited with what seemed like a random email to join the hospital’s first dragon boat team. “Sure, sounds good. I’m always up for an adventure and new experience,” I thought to myself. After memorizing the lingo, ordering matching T-shirts and watching […]

New ASCEND program hopes to enhance nurse diversity

Akron Children’s is aiming to enhance nurse diversity in its workplace through the launch of a new program this summer. The program, called ASCEND (Assuring Success with a Commitment to Enhance Nurse Diversity), is a 10-week summer internship program for nursing students who are entering their senior year and are in good standing with one […]

A day in the life of a sedation nurse

It’s just another day for veteran nurse Cheryl Stanley as she prepares a very anxious 5 year old for sedation. Stanley, clinical coordinator for sedation services at Akron Children’s Beeghly campus, greets Waymond with a warm smile and reassuring words. After chatting with his mom, Stanley finds some common ground – Waymond attends the same school […]

Kids love to laugh, even when they’re sick

In the 1998 movie Patch Adams, Robin Williams portrayed the story of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams and his book, Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter. The gist of the story – and Dr. Adams’ approach to medicine in real life – is that his patients’ health improves when laughter and compassion are included as […]