A lot of love goes into our Thanksgiving Day meal too

Food Service Thanksgiving meal

Think you have it rough making a Thanksgiving dinner for 15 family members? The Food Services team at Akron Children’s prepares more than 100 meals for patient families spending their Thanksgiving in the hospital, as well as the doctors, nurses and support staff caring for them.

Doggie Brigade visits offer special treat for speech therapy patients

Roxie with kids at speech therapy

When you’re a fourth-grader who struggles with reading and writing, going to speech therapy to sharpen those skills after being in school all day may be the last place you want to be. That is, unless your speech pathologist uses the power of animal magnetism to help make learning fun.

A father’s secret WWII mission unveiled 70 years later

Elliot Besunder and the other U.S. soldiers who were part of the Ultra Project.

When Dr. Jim Besunder was a boy, he would sometimes notice his father tapping his fingers in Morse code on the dinner table.

When he asked him about his role in World War II, his dad would say he “intercepted messages from the Germans” without any further details.

Interpreters are crucial to the treatment team

Roula Braidy with patient

The language access services provided at Akron Children’s can be a life-saver when it comes to treating patients — literally, in some cases. Language Access Coordinator Roula Braidy remembers a refugee family who spent months traveling in and out of emergency rooms, but because interpretive services weren’t available, they couldn’t understand what was happening to […]

A day in the life of a speech-language pathologist

Speech pathologist Shelly Vaughn with NICU patient Birce

As a part-time speech-language pathologist at Akron Children’s Hospital, Shelly Vaughn’s services are in high demand. Today, she’s at the Akron campus where her diverse skill set allows her to see a preemie in the NICU for feeding therapy and a teenager struggling with stuttering, all in the same day. On Wednesdays, she does outpatient […]

Taking an ‘Up-Close’ look at Akron Children’s in Mahoning Valley

Ever wonder what a day is like inside Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley? On Oct. 8, 15 community leaders got the chance to experience this firsthand during the annual Children’s Up-Close event.