Harper just hours after her first eye surgery

Pirate’s life for Harper Infant cataracts and feeding tube latest in daughter's medical journey

When Harper was a few days old, we began noticing a milky-white quality to her eyes. A trip to the vision center at Akron Children’s Hospital confirmed what I was scared to hear: Harper has cataracts, so big that she can only see light.


Oncology staff treated son like their own

On Oct. 7, 2013, our son, Greggory, was admitted to a bone marrow transplant (BMT) room on Akron Children’s cancer unit. That’s where he stayed until Nov. 20.


Earth Day, Diet Coke and helping kids in need

Whenever I feel a little guilty about my love of Diet Coke, I think about the positives beyond the great taste and zero calories. My empty Diet Coke cans and opener tabs are not only recycled, but they actually help our patients at Akron Children’s Hospital.