Jordan’s first visit to the ER

We are always up for a little adventure, but a lot of adventure is a lot overwhelming. Jordan came home from his first day of school telling us that he hit his head on the concrete floor. This seemed a little odd since his teacher had not said anything about Jordan getting hurt. I was […]

Early diagnosis of bacterial infection helps Hudson teen get back on track

By the time most patients receive the diagnosis of the bacterial infection Lemierre syndrome, they are extremely ill in the intensive care unit. But thanks to Dr. Shankar Upadhyayula, an infectious disease specialist at Akron Children’s Hospital, honor student Amanda Gamble had an early diagnosis and a quick recovery and is now back at Hudson […]

Reducing the risk of prematurity with progesterone

As moms seek new and better ways to prevent prematurity, many are looking to progesterone treatments to help reduce their risk of prematurity by as much as 45%. “Progesterone treatments help maintain a supportive environment for the developing fetus, which increases a woman’s chance of delivering a healthy, full-term baby,” said Dr. Stephen Crane, chairman […]