Lebron James receives warm welcome back from hospital patients, staff (VIDEO)

The patients and staff at Akron Children’s Hospital aren’t shy when it comes to expressing how they feel about LeBron James’ return to northeast Ohio. Welcome home!

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Riley gives back to infectious disease department

Riley was born a happy baby. Even when she was sick she had a smile on her face. I would not know at that time what she would have to go through. Riley would get sick with a high fever just over night. We would take her to the doctor and they would say it was OK to give her Tylenol.


Adopt-A-School program in full swing

Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley has selected Bloomfield-Mespo Elementary School in North Bloomfield, Ohio, for its 2014-2015 Adopt-A-School program. – See more at: http://inside.akronchildrens.org/?p=19158&preview=true#sthash.1qNwLkRv.dpuf