Taylor Lightner

Newborn screen to detect congenital heart defects saves lives

Brittani Hill credits her daughter’s life to Ohio’s newest addition to its newborn screening law, which requires the use of pulse oximetry to detect critical congenital heart disease. Her daughter, Taylor Lightner, seemed normal at birth but nurses at Alliance Community Hospital questioned the newborn’s oxygen level when doing the newly required test. Taylor was sent […]


Toddler undergoes 51 surgeries, beats many odds

At 3 years old Blake Riggs has faced more challenging and complex medical conditions than most people face in a lifetime. He’s had more than 51 surgeries, and the majority has been to his brain. Blake is a fighter, but it hasn’t been easy. Born on July 19, 2012, Blake was diagnosed at birth with […]


Kids and Diabetes: Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Vision

People who have diabetes are at higher risk of developing eye complications. Fortunately, you can help prevent problems.