Tailyn and Bekah

Lifelong bonds form in NICU

Friends come about in all sorts of ways. Some grow up together because their parents are friends, some we meet at school or church or the park. Sometimes, in the midst of life, young or old, we end up with people who have things in common with us. We share friends or interests that repeat often enough that we can’t seem to escape knowing one another.

Randy and Jordan staking out land for new home

Building on our dream for an accessible home

While navigating through Jordan’s major hip and ankle surgery, we’re in the process of trying to sell our current home and searching for grants to assist with building a handicap-accessible home.

Ava and Olivia

Sickle cell patients need community support at Be a Lifesaver event May 30

Megan Lancaster, of Canton, has adorable twins, Ava and Olivia. At 14 months, they’re crawling and cruising, trying hard to become toddlers. They are healthy for now. But having been diagnosed with sickle cell disease just after birth, the little girls could have their first painful, sickle cell health emergency any time now. Like all […]