Miracles happen here every day; Dr. Hertle is one

When I read about the work that Dr. Richard Hertle did for the children with vision problems in India, it hit home to me how fortunate we are to have him caring for my son Hunter’s eyesight. This access to excellent care in our backyard is the small miracle.

Bekah being transported as newborn

Akron Children’s ambulance is one of the most beautiful vehicles on earth

I grew up seeing cars every day. My dad owns an auto body repair shop. But there is vehicle that always stops me in my tracks, brings a tear to my eye, and a prayer to my heart – Akron Children’s transport van.

Lindsay Bailey shows how to make a deli roll-up

Dietitian offers fresh ideas – and recipes – for school lunches

Dietitian Lindsay Bailey offers tips on how to pack a healthy school lunch your children will actually eat. She also includes quick and easy recipes for peanut butter and banana “sushi,” make-your-own mini pizza bagel, and deli roll-ups.