A variety of foods can provide your infant with a solid foundation (VIDEO)

The transition to solid foods is a milestone for your little one, adding some nutrition, variety and texture to her diet. In this Children’s Channel video, Dr. Sabrina Ben-Zion, MD, a pediatrician for Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics in Wadsworth, discusses when and how the transition should take place.

Naps can be a frequent, helpful aid for babies (VIDEO)

If it seems all your newborn does is eat, sleep and poop, then you’re probably doing it right. In this Children’s Channel video, Dr. Shellie Russell, a pediatrician with Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics in Wooster, discusses the importance of naps to a child’s early development.

Taking temperatures can be an art and science (VIDEO)

Advancements in technology and knowledge have provided parents with several ways to take their child’s temperature. In this Children’s Channel video, Dr. Shellie Russell, Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics’ Wooster office, discusses which options may be best for your little one.

Warren community welcomes 2nd primary care office

A short pause in seeing patients recently gave our Warren team of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics a chance to show off their new office, which was designed through the eyes of a child. About 25 elected officials and community leaders attended the lunch-time event to help cut the ribbon with a few young patients, while […]

New digs unveiled in Green for primary care

Every day about 130 infants, children and teens walk through the doors of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics (ACHP) in Green for a well-child check-up, sick visit or sports physical.

Compassion overshadows difficult blood draw for New Philadelphia family

As an employee of Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics’ New Philadelphia office, I already know what a wonderful group of people I work with. And as a parent of an ACHP patient I know I am blessed to have so many people on staff at our pediatrician’s office  who truly care about my children. My son, Aaron […]