Expert offers a few bright ideas for bonfire safety (VIDEO)

The flicker and roar of a bonfire on a cool fall night is often the stuff of childhood memories — pleasant ones if a little common sense is used when building and enjoying the fire. In this Children’s Channel video podcast, Becky Mundy, RN, a burn center education coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital, offers some […]

Video: Common sense is the best defense against sunburn

A day at the beach is often the highlight of a summer vacation, although the memories fade fast if you spend the night in a hotel room soothing the sting of a sunburn. In this Children’s Channel video, Neera Agarwal-Antal, MD, director of pediatric dermatology at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the steps that can be taken to prevent and treat these painful reminders of your fun in the sun.

Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: Gateway to Christmas

For many, Christmas cannot come too soon. It creeps its way into the fall, and many welcome it with open arms. “Gateway to Christmas” ushers in the winter months, while still acknowledging the fall season.

Bring the beauty of the Holiday Tree Festival to your home Decorate your Christmas tree using these simple design tips from the festival’s decorators

After hours of pacing through the lot in the cold snow, you’ve found it – the perfect Christmas tree. Once you’ve brought it home, the question is, how should you decorate it? Don’t worry. The experienced decorators at Akron Children’s Holiday Tree Festival are here to help. Lori Reilly, a professional florist and a decorator […]

Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: The Joy of Christmas

Donated by Stan’s Towing, “The Joy of Christmas” lights up the room. Decorator Jill Pangas, her sister, Renee Campbell, and her mother, Fay Perry, used a classic red and green color scheme with yellow and blue ornaments to make this tree shine.

Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: Christmas Sage and Crimson Beauty

Donated by Jeff and Eun White, “Christmas Sage and Crimson Beauty” radiates sophistication and elegance. Lori Reilly, who has been a decorator at the Tree Festival for 25 years, incorporated her work as a florist into this year’s design. Glitter-embossed calla lilies and butterflies shimmer throughout the tree.