Parents play key role in diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (VIDEO)


Research has shown that parents are right 85 percent of the time when they think their child has a health concern. In this video, Dr. John Duby, director of developmental-behavioral pediatrics at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses how a parent’s input plays a key role in the proper diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.

Identification is first step to treating autism spectrum disorders – (VIDEO)


Although their cause is unknown, autism spectrum disorders affect about 1 in 88 children. In this Children’s Channel video, Dr. John Duby, director of developmental-behavioral pediatrics at Akron Children’s Hospital, shares the signs and symptoms that a child may be affected by one of these developmental disorders.

Top 10 most-searched medical conditions of 2013


With the New Year upon us, Akron Children’s Hospital reflects on the events of 2013. As such, we compiled a list of the Top 10 medical conditions visitors searched most often on our website last year. It came as no surprise that ADHD and diabetes topped our list.

Lean on me


I know we all have friends and family who are willing to be supportive throughout our journey, but it seems when you find other families that have a child with special needs, a connection is made that doesn’t usually happen.

Curing Kiarah: A severe case of pneumonia leads to lupus diagnosis


Last year, 13-year-old Kiarah Harris’ life was anything but calm as she fought a life-threatening case of pneumonia at Akron Children’s Hospital. It was during this time that doctors diagnosed her with a chronic, auto-immune disorder.

Thoughts on being a special needs parent

Gorski family

I’m a special needs parent to three boys with autism and various other medical and mental health issues. I love my kids more than anything in the world. Without a single hesitation, I would die for any one of them. Despite my undying devotion for my boys, at my core, I’m still human.