Concussions twice as likely in softball vs baseball players, study shows


I learned from a recent study that girls who play fast pitch softball are at a higher risk of concussion than boys who play high school baseball. That same study also showed that softball pitchers also suffer fewer shoulder and elbow injuries than baseball players. You may be as surprised as I was to learn the reasons why.

Too much mental rest in concussion treatment may hinder recovery

Electroencephalography is one of the methods used to test brain function after a concussion

Rest has been the prescribed treatment for many children who have suffered a concussion, but new studies show too much rest isn’t good

Helmets don’t reduce the risk of concussion, but have other benefits


Parents often ask me if there’s one type or brand of helmet on the market that I would recommend to help reduce their child’s risk of concussion. You may be surprised to learn that research shows helmet use doesn’t reduce the risk of concussion at all.

AAP offers “returning-to-learning” guidelines after a concussion


Just as coaches follow return-to-play guidelines when it comes to concussions, the American Academy of Pediatrics released new guidelines about returning to the classroom as well.

Has all this talk of concussions and brain injuries negatively affected youth football participation?

Photo: Flickr/CC by StuSeeger

With all the recent discussions on concussions and brain injuries, you’ve got to wonder if it’s negatively affecting youth football participation. Well, the data is in. In the last two years, we’ve seen overall an 11 percent decline in youth football participation across the country.

How are concussion risks being minimized on youth football fields?


Plain Dealer columnist and WCPN host Mike McIntyre recently opened his morning show, The Sound of Ideas, asking listeners the highly debated question: 3.5 million kids younger than 14 play tackle football in this country, but what’s being done to make the sport as safe as it can be for them?