Kids and Diabetes: How to help your child reap the rewards of exercise and sports

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When it comes to sports and exercise, there’s no reason why your child with diabetes should sit on the sidelines – if he is otherwise healthy. In fact, you should encourage your child to be active because there are many benefits associated with exercise. By exercising, your child can lower blood sugar levels, control her weight, have more energy and endurance and boost his heart health.

Kids and Diabetes: How to recognize and manage low blood sugar


It may seem counterintuitive, but low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) will affect children who have diabetes. The condition occurs when an individual has excessive insulin, perhaps as a result of taking too much insulin, skipping meals or exercising at a high level. If your child’s blood sugar drops too low, they can become unconscious and/or have a seizure.

Kids and diabetes: Use these tricks to treat your kids right on Halloween

Photo: Chris&Rhiannon / CC Flickr

As Halloween approaches, people tend to conjure up visions of black cats, witches and costumes. But for children, one image tends to block out all others – CANDY. After all, isn’t the whole point of trick-or-treating to get a sack full of sweets?

Kids and diabetes: Take extra care to protect their teeth and gums

Children and teens with diabetes are at greater risk for gum disease.

Did you know high levels of sugar in the saliva of kids with diabetes puts them at greater risk for problems with their teeth, gums and mouth? Diabetes can contribute to bacteria growth in the mouth, plaque build-up and gum disease, while also weakening the body’s ability to fight back.

A day in the life: Social worker

Lisa Broerman with kids who attended diabetes camp.

Learning your child has a life-changing illness such as diabetes is incredibly stressful for the entire family. At Akron Children’s Hospital, families have people like Lisa Broerman and her colleagues in the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology to help them through this challenging time.

Volunteering at diabetes camp hectic and stressful, but still a blast (Photo Gallery)


I just finished up a week as a volunteer at Akron Children’s Diabetes Camp. Working under Claudia Meade, MS, RD, LD in the Camp Y-Noah dining hall, I helped to prepare meals and snacks with just the right amount of carbohydrates and nutrients to keep the campers going all week long.