National Diabetes Month: Join the campaign to stop diabetes


Every parent wants the best for their children, and when a child has diabetes, parents find it can take a little effort to provide the best possible diet.

Kids and diabetes: What your child’s sitters and grandparents need to know


Raising children is bound to be nerve-racking at times, and a diagnosis of diabetes can amp up a parent’s stress level. To relieve stress – for both you and your child – it’s important to sometimes rely on babysitters and grandparents. Here is basic information your child’s babysitters and grandparents should know:

Future pediatric nurse has skill with a football & a taste for Dr. Pepper


The new college football season has a lot of people excited, but perhaps no one more than Walsh University nursing student Molly Brown.

Brown, who volunteers at Akron Children’s Diabetes Camp, won $100,000 in Dr. Pepper’s Tuition Give-Away Contest during last year’s Big Ten Football Championship game.

Kids and diabetes: Find balance by combining exercise, healthy foods


A happy balance in life makes for happy people. And balance can be especially important for children with diabetes, who need to combine the right amounts of exercise and nutrition to maintain good health. So . . . what are the “right” amounts? Exercise Children with diabetes should get a good session of heart-pumping exercise every […]

Adopt-A-School program in full swing


Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley has selected Bloomfield-Mespo Elementary School in North Bloomfield, Ohio, for its 2014-2015 Adopt-A-School program.

Kids and diabetes: How to toe the line when it comes to foot care

CC Flickr / Jim Best

Most people don’t think much about their lowly feet. That is, until there is a problem with them. And for a person with diabetes, foot problems can quickly become serious. By restricting blood flow, diabetes can cause a loss of feeling in the feet, and without sensation, it may be difficult to detect a cut or infection.