Top 20 feel-good stories of 2013

In 2013, we published 449 stories on our blog, which ranged from news articles to patient and staff features. Some were created by our staff while others were submitted by parents of our patients. These blog posts took you inside the walls of Akron Children’s and showcased the special stories that happen here every day. […]

Practicing what we preach: On the receiving end of patient-centered care

As a member of the PR and marketing department at the hospital for 16 years, Andrea Joliet has worked with families and written about their experiences at Akron Children’s, but she certainly never expected to be one of those families.

Music heals his soul while dialysis cleans his blood

The repetitive “woosh-woosh-bump” sound of the dialysis machine fills the room as 19-year-old Chris Blackwell sits tethered to the machine for four-hour stints three times a week. He has been receiving dialysis since he was diagnosed two years ago with chronic kidney disease.

Thank God for Akron Children’s

As an 18 year old, in August of 1991, I left Middletown, Ohio for Akron to attend the University of Akron. Earlier that year, in February, I began peritoneal dialysis. I had a rough go of it those few months I spent in Akron, but the dialysis staff helped keep me alive.