The healing power of the Doggie Brigade

Our daughter, AmberHaze, had a long stay at Akron Children’s Hospital due to cancer. While my daughter had countless stays as an inpatient, she knew she could ALWAYS count on Doggie Brigade member Sammy and his mommy, Barbara, to cheer her up, even on the days she felt her worst and just wanted to cuddle with her puppy.

Video: Doggie Brigade delivers the right brand of medicine for busy news crew at FOX 8

ox 8 News is known for being an animal friendly media outlet, thanks in part to longtime meterologist and animal rights enthusiast Dick Goddard.

So it was no surprise to me yesterday morning to be driving down Dick Goddard Drive to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Akron Children’s Hospital’s Doggie Brigade at the station.

#DogBrigade Infographic: Ruff estimates

Akron Children’s Doggie Brigade has brought joy, comfort and sloppy kisses to sick kids and their families for 20 years. Each week, our child life specialists generate a list of patients whose doctors have approved a dog visit.

Kip is short for “Rock Star”

My mother used to say what blesses one, blesses all. I truly feel this way about volunteering on Akron Children’s Hospital’s Doggie Brigade. When visiting the floors and rooms, my dog, Kip, is treated like a rock star. He gets tons of attention, loads of patting and loving for patients, parents and staff.

Attention shoppers: There’s a Doggie Brigader in aisle six

Any frequent shopper at Summit Mall who happens to be a dog lover knows Marley. This beagle/pug mix is a staple at Ticknors, an upscale men’s clothing store, where Justin Couch is the manager and minority owner of the corporation.

Just look for the overstuffed leather chair and you’ll see Marley perched upon it, taking a snooze.

Does your dog have what it takes to become a Doggie Brigade member?

Not every dog is equipped to be in Akron Children’s Doggie Brigade. Our screeners leave nothing to chance. They want to know exactly how your dog will react to loud noises, unexpected touches and mobs of people.

Will your dog take it in stride when a wheelchair rolls by? Can he ignore loud noises and leave food on the floor? Will he care if someone touches his tail when he least expects it?