Webbed fingers are most common abnormality of the newborn hand


It was about an hour after birth that the chaos from a C-section finally died down and we decided to count our brand new baby boy’s fingers and toes. It didn’t take long for us to realize that 2 of his fingers were stuck together.

Kids have big smiles for Santa – and their surgeons (Photo Gallery)

Craniofacial Clinic Party 2013

Before the arrival of the big guy with a fuzzy beard and furry red velvet suit, the children attending a holiday party at Akron Children’s Hospital were enthralled by an assortment of creatures featuring natural fur – as well as shells, scales and tails.

Inside the OR: 3 month old has surgery to repair cleft lip (Photo gallery)


Salah and Reem Mustafa knew their fourth child was going to be born with a cleft lip and palate. They learned about the birth defect during a prenatal ultrasound.

Teenage breast disorders deserve an extra dose of sensitivity

Dr. Ananth Murthy

Dr. Ananth Murthy, director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Akron Children’s, recently presented at the hospital’s annual Adolescent Medicine Update about the multifactorial challenges in treatment of disorders of the breast which affect both teenage girls and boys.

Lip adhesion surgeries fix son’s cleft


One year ago, we were at Akron Children’s for our son’s first step in lip repair. He was having his lip adhesion surgery. It was such a hard day for us, but the staff at Akron Children’s made themselves available to us the entire time we were in the hospital.

Getting to know Dr. Ananth Murthy

Dr. Ananth Murthy: My proudest moments have been gifted to me like the birth of my daughters, however, I have yet to ACHIEVE my proudest accomplishment.

Akron Children’s Hospital is fortunate to have such a smart, talented and compassionate pediatric plastic surgeon as Dr. Ananth Murthy. Dr. Murthy grew up in Stow, Ohio, and attended medical school at Northeast Ohio Medical University, but got a taste of big city life while doing his craniofacial surgery fellowship at the Children’s Hospital Boston and then moving onto practice at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC.