Haitian toddler had angels in Akron this holiday season


We often hear words like “joy,” “blessing” and “good will” during the holidays. They are in our greeting cards and the songs of the season, but sometimes they become more than just words.

Helping Haiti: ‘We’ve done really some good work’

Dr. Ellen Kempf examines 2-year-old Nyderson Deris, who was brought to Akron Children's from Haiti for surgery to repair his heart defect.

Since making his first trip to Haiti in 2010, following that country’s devastating earthquake, Dr. Jeff Kempf has been humbled by the progress made by his Akron Children’s Hospital team and a larger coalition that now includes five other U.S. children’s hospitals.

Lean for Haiti

Two Haitian Girls Hugging

Russell Maroni shares his experience as a healthcare missionary One year ago, Haiti was struck by a catastrophic, 7.0-magnitude earthquake. In the days that followed, reports of the devastation flooded in. More than 1,700 miles away, Russell Maroni was working as an X-ray technologist at Akron Children’s Hospital. Married with a baby on the way […]

Haiti: Orphans in Fondwa

Saturday We spent a few hours away from Saint Damien’s Hospital. Went out to a rural village, Fondwa, which is a 2-hour drive up in the mountains.   This is the village Sister Judy was living/working in when the earthquake hit. The village was destroyed.  Amazing how roads are still piled with rocks and rubble; buildings still […]

Haiti: No rest for the weary

Friday We’ve been so busy, little time to get onto the one computer here that is on the Internet. Thought we’d have “smart phone” access and texting, but it’s Haiti! We’ve been VERY busy. We sleep after sundown and get up well before mass at 7am, while patients are already assembling. The mass is an amazing […]

Haiti: No time to grieve


Things are never easy in Haiti.   Here 3 days and finally getting an internet and phone connection.  Very, very intensely hot….Haiti in the summer. Our accommodations are really not bad at all. Military style large tent, on very comfortable padded cots.  Cold water, refreshing showers. Still lots of international presence here since the quake, but hospital back […]