Sprain vs. Strain: Is there a major difference?

Football player getting his ankle taped after an injury. (Wikipedia/Creative Commons)

Believe it or not, there are major differences between a sprain and a strain. Both injuries have varying degrees, from grade 1 to the most severe grade 3, but a strain includes the muscle and tendon, whereas a sprain involves the ligament.

Are LeBron’s health complaints a cause for concern?

Photo og LeBron James - Wikipedia/Creative Commons

LeBron is definitely suffering from wear and tear, but he’s a different player than he was 4 years ago; he’s a smarter player now. He’s taking away the minutes now to save them for play-off season. With clean MRIs, I don’t think there’s anything ominous to worry about in the future.

Are most sports-related injuries caused by repetition?


Overuse injuries are a big part of sports medicine. In fact, 70 percent of the injuries we treat in our office are overuse or overload injuries, with the other 30 percent being trauma injuries.

Frigid temps call for exercising indoors


When the mercury hovers around zero, it’s best to take your exercise routine indoors. The amount of time until frostbite sets in is very short due to these cold temperatures and blistering windchills.

Frostbite starts out with numbness in the body’s extremities and can lead to discoloration due to decreased blood flow to those areas.

Understanding the 5 stages of concussion protocol

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Mike Miller was placed on the NBA's concussion protocol. He was started having concussion-like symptoms after being unintentionally  struck in the head during a game.

Many people confuse the concussion protocol’s 5 stages with 5 days. And that’s just not the case. It varies by player and the severity of his concussion, as well as the number of concussions he’s experienced. It could take anywhere from a week to a couple of months for an athlete to advance through all 5 stages and get back on the field.

Childhood infection rears its ugly head in the NHL

Ryan Suter of the Minnesota Wild is one of the NHL hockey players out with mumps.

I was shocked to see that the NHL is battling an outbreak of mumps — yes, the mumps. It’s a disease from my generation’s childhood that we in the medical community thought was kaput. Not so. It has affected a handful of teams, taking players completely off the ice for up to a week.