College students take a deep dive into concussion research, treatment

College students visit sports medicine center to learn about concussions

My Neurological Disorders and Diseases class at Thiel College, located in Greenville, PA, recently visited Akron Children’s Sports Medicine Center to learn about concussions. The information I learned made me rethink back to my days as an athlete and of the possible concussions that went misdiagnosed.

Injuries plagued players in Super Bowl XLIX

Julian Edelman played college football at Kent State. He was drafted in the 7th round by the Patriots in 2009.

This year’s Super Bowl XLIX was an exciting, albeit violent game. New England Patriots’ Julian Edelman played an amazing game, but took a significant blow that’s raising debate on whether or not he suffered a concussion.

Surgery: To do or not to do, that is the question

Portland Trail Blazers star LaMarcus Aldridge said his return after deciding to put off thumb surgery "wasn't a one-game thing."

Portland Trail Blazers center LaMarcus Aldridge – probably one of the top 10 players in the NBA – is suffering from a torn ligament in his thumb. He was scheduled to have surgery, but decided against it. Though holding off surgery won’t threaten his career, it could threaten his team’s play-off performance.

How to wrestle rashes and infections on and off the mat

Wikipedia/Creative Commons

With indoor sports at the peak of season, especially wrestling, common rashes and infections are abundant this time of year. The ones we see time and time again are ringworm, herpes and bacterial infections, such as impetigo and MRSA. Though they’re fairly easy to treat — many with oral antibiotics — they are highly contagious […]

Sprain vs. Strain: Is there a major difference?

Football player getting his ankle taped after an injury. (Wikipedia/Creative Commons)

Believe it or not, there are major differences between a sprain and a strain. Both injuries have varying degrees, from grade 1 to the most severe grade 3, but a strain includes the muscle and tendon, whereas a sprain involves the ligament.

Are LeBron’s health complaints a cause for concern?

Photo og LeBron James - Wikipedia/Creative Commons

LeBron is definitely suffering from wear and tear, but he’s a different player than he was 4 years ago; he’s a smarter player now. He’s taking away the minutes now to save them for play-off season. With clean MRIs, I don’t think there’s anything ominous to worry about in the future.