Sliding headfirst into first base increases risk of hand, wrist and thumb injuries MLB players setting bad examples for today's youth


Major league baseball players who slide headfirst into first base are setting a bad example for today’s youth. Not only is sliding headfirst slower that just running through the base, it also puts kids at a higher risk of injuries to their hands, wrists and thumbs.

Concussions twice as likely in softball vs baseball players, study shows


I learned from a recent study that girls who play fast pitch softball are at a higher risk of concussion than boys who play high school baseball. That same study also showed that softball pitchers also suffer fewer shoulder and elbow injuries than baseball players. You may be as surprised as I was to learn the reasons why.

Foot injury will likely knock Iowa State out of Final Four contention

Iowa State's Georges Niang's broken foot will take him out for the remainder of the season.

Iowa State basketball player George Niang recently suffered a fracture to his fifth metatarsal. Today I spent some time talking to Ray Horner about this injury and the likelihood that it may derail Iowa State’s hopes to advance to the Final Four.

Pro teams consulting with sports medicine physicians before signing athletes

Kyrie Irving drives the basket. Flickr/Erik Drost

Professional sports are a million dollar industry and teams need to take a hard and fast look at the health and long-term viability of their players.

Sports officials evaluate rules, safety when deciding if a game should continue

Photo CC/Flickr - Boston Public Library

Sports officials need to evaluate rules, athletes’ safety and use good judgment when deciding whether a game should continue.

Helmets don’t reduce the risk of concussion, but have other benefits


Parents often ask me if there’s one type or brand of helmet on the market that I would recommend to help reduce their child’s risk of concussion. You may be surprised to learn that research shows helmet use doesn’t reduce the risk of concussion at all.