Journey after surgery

After Jordan’s hip and ankle surgery, he seemed to be doing well and was transported to the 5600 unit. The first night was difficult. He woke up with pain in his hip and under his upper right arm, which we later contributed to his spica cast pushing on his ribs.

New technology aims to improve treatment for kneecap dislocations

Local researchers, including our Department of Orthopedics Chairman Dr. Kerwyn Jones, recently received a $30,000 grant to study the use of a computerized mapping system during surgery to repair patellar joint, or kneecap, injuries.

Jordan’s big surgery day

The anticipated day of Jordan’s surgery finally came. Randy and I could only pray that God would help lessen our anxiety as we entered the world of a major surgery followed by an intense recovery.

Surgery scheduled to help strengthen Jordan’s legs

We met with Dr. Jones and Dr. Baird to discuss Jordan’s upcoming surgery. Randy had talked with Dr. Jones about potentially correcting Jordan’s left ankle during his hip surgery. The tendon only works on the outside of his foot and has started to shift over his ankle bone.

Genes may explain higher ACL injuries in girls, according to new research

In a groundbreaking study, Dr. Kerwyn Jones, chairman of orthopedic surgery at Akron Children’s, found genes may explain the higher rates of ACL injuries for female athletes.

How to reduce risk of ACL injuries in girls

As an orthopedic surgeon caring for young athletes, I see it again and again − a young female soccer player misses a year of playing due to an ACL tear, only to return the following year with a tear in the opposite knee. A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common knee injury among athletes. And in female athletes, it’s up to 8 times more common than in boys.