Anxiety is more than butterflies and sweaty palms – (VIDEO)


Sweaty palms and an upset stomach often proceed a classroom presentation or appearance in the school play, but if your child can’t bring himself to leave the house that morning there may be cause for concern.

Communication is key to dealing with depression – (VIDEO)


In this Children’s Channel video, Dr. Laura Rocker, medical director for the Partial Hospitalization Program at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the differences between depression and sadness, as well as what parents can do to help their kids cope during troubled times.

Are your kids stressed out? Here are ways to help them cope


Whether they’re worried about starting a new school or making the team, kids of every age experience varying degrees of stress.

5 tips for coping with cliques


At one time or another, we’ve all felt like the odd man (or woman) out. Exclusionary groups, commonly referred to as cliques, usually start to form during the middle school years for girls and a couple of years later for boys. As a parent, what can you do when your child is excluded? Is it appropriate to intervene?

Psychiatrist sees ‘silver lining’ in movie’s portrayal of bi-polar disorder


Silver Linings Playbook, a contender for Best Picture at this Sunday’s Academy Awards, focuses on Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), a former teacher with bipolar disorder who comes home to live with his parents after being released from a mental health facility. Among the movie’s many fans is Dr. Laura Rocker, a pediatric psychiatrist at Akron Children’s Hospital.

YouTube videos of self-injury draw an audience

A YouTube search for “self-injury”  returns 50 pages of results. And while some of these videos are educational, hundreds depict disturbingly graphic images of people injuring themselves, typically by cutting. This alarming trend is the focus of a study published in the March journal of Pediatrics. The study found that YouTube videos of self-injury are growing in […]