Journey after surgery

Jordan with nurse

After Jordan’s hip and ankle surgery, he seemed to be doing well and was transported to the 5600 unit. The first night was difficult. He woke up with pain in his hip and under his upper right arm, which we later contributed to his spica cast pushing on his ribs.

Jordan’s big surgery day

The anticipated day of Jordan’s surgery finally came. Randy and I could only pray that God would help lessen our anxiety as we entered the world of a major surgery followed by an intense recovery.

Surgery scheduled to help strengthen Jordan’s legs


We met with Dr. Jones and Dr. Baird to discuss Jordan’s upcoming surgery. Randy had talked with Dr. Jones about potentially correcting Jordan’s left ankle during his hip surgery. The tendon only works on the outside of his foot and has started to shift over his ankle bone.

Emily Parkinson is Scoliosis Strong

Emily Patterson

Emily Parkinson turned her deep thoughts, wisdom and experiences since being diagnosed with scoliosis 3 years ago into a piece of art that’s an inspiration to others. The poster, entitled Scoliosis Strong, is a series of encouraging words wrapped around a picture of an S-shaped spine, representing the curve of her own backbone.

Learning how the arm bone’s connected to the shoulder bone (Photo gallery)


Working with synthetic “saw” bones and cadavers, about 80 orthopedic residents from Ohio and Pennsylvania recently received two days of hands-on training led by Akron Children’s nationally-ranked pediatric orthopedic surgery team.

Change Bandit Spotlight: Tommy Dick Doctors’ efforts helped Tommy walk

Tommy, web

Tommy Dick’s parents were told by local doctors that Tommy was going to have to have many surgeries to repair his club feet. After many trips to Akron Children’s Hospital, castings, years in a brace and only one surgery, Tommy is now a healthy 7-year-old. Tommy’s family has decided to sign up to be a Change Bandit this year and raise money for the “Have a Heart, Do Your Part” Radiothon, which airs Feb. 7-9 on 98.1 WKDD.