Baby Isaiah’s clubfoot is in the best of hands

Over the course of his career, pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Schrader has treated hundreds of children with clubfoot. So some might say it was ironic when his daughter, Laura Dickson, pregnant with his first grandchild, told him her baby, Isaiah, would be born with clubfoot.

Learning how the arm bone’s connected to the shoulder bone (Photo gallery)

Working with synthetic “saw” bones and cadavers, about 80 orthopedic residents from Ohio and Pennsylvania recently received two days of hands-on training led by Akron Children’s nationally-ranked pediatric orthopedic surgery team.

Leg lengthening

My son had surgery on June 8, 2010, to apply a leg lengthening device. The surgery was done by Dr. Schrader at Akron Children’s Hospital. We drive every other week to Dr. Schrader’s office to check on the progress of the leg growth. The device is still on and we will go in next week […]