Top 10 Facebook posts of 2014

In 2014, we shared countless stories from Akron Children’s Hospital on Facebook, from fundraisers to visits to Haiti. We are thrilled to take you back through some of these special stories with this list of the 10 most popular and engaging Facebook posts of 2014.

Critical Acclaim: Intensive care doctor wins Akron Children’s Distinguished Service Award

Dr. John Pope won the 2013 Distinguished Service Award. Described as an unsung hero of the critical care department, Dr. Pope is a talented caregiver who gives back to the community and travels to Haiti on medical missions.

What dreams are made of… days and nights of fun

Baby Jude, Jane and us parents were lucky enough to be invited to a day out with Thomas the Tank Engine and DreamNight at the Zoo, courtesy of Akron Children’s Hospital. We can’t say thank you enough to the hospital. They were both such great events, with great people putting them on. With Thomas the Tank, I […]