Study reaffirms there really is no place like home (Video)

As healthcare continues to shift toward providing care closer to home, or in the home, the Family Child Learning Center (FCLC) has begun to take a closer look at where their services are provided.

It’s time to hug your physical therapist

October is National Physical Therapy Awareness month. I never realized how unaware I was of the effectiveness of physical therapy before Baby Jude. But I have become an advocate of the profound impact that physical therapy can have, especially in early intervention. Before Jude, I thought physical therapy was for old folks who were working in […]

1st days of the rest of our lives

The first day of school is never easy on anyone. But, it’s a necessary evil. Kids have to go to school at some point, whether private, Catholic, public, home school or an early intervention program like Calico at the Summit DD. Any which way you cut it, your kid has to go somewhere, eventually. I have had […]