Fulfilling the promise

Bubbles, balloons and cupcakes marked the end of “My Promise. My Children’s” employee campaign this week in Perkins Square Park. When the final number was revealed, attendees celebrated the $3,843,938 donated by employees during the 3-month campaign which began in April. The “My Promise. My Children’s” campaign raised money for the “Building on the Promise” […]

Employee campaign kicks off My Promise. My Children’s. campaign begins

With more than 700,000 patient visits at 80 locations in the region last year, the needs of Akron Children’s Hospital continue to grow. From now until July, Akron Children’s is embarking on a 3-month, employee campaign, “My Promise. My Children’s.” on the Akron campus and “The Vision for Our Valley’s Children,” in the Mahoning Valley. […]

Practicing what we preach: On the receiving end of patient-centered care

As a member of the PR and marketing department at the hospital for 16 years, Andrea Joliet has worked with families and written about their experiences at Akron Children’s, but she certainly never expected to be one of those families.

A little jokester’s journey: Recruiting the best pays off

Shawna Roach has always enjoyed the benefits that come with Akron Children’s family-centered philosophy for both patients and employees. She was a single mom when she began her career here as a medical assistant 15 years ago.

Powered by parents’ passion: Connecting with others for support

Judy Doyle lives by her motto, “Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”
No one knows better than Judy that sometimes, that’s all you’ve got.

Breathing easier: Teaming up for the best care

Respiratory therapist Christine Loomis sees Akron Children’s Hospital from both sides of the patient care experience.