Epilepsy doesn’t rule my daughters


Two of my four daughters have epilepsy and received their care from Akron Children’s neurology center. They are both determined and intelligent young ladies who are creative in how they “do life.”

Fighting epilepsy and ‘always looking for ways to get a smile’

Dr. Tom Enlow

The Epilepsy Association will present its Legacy Award to Dr. Tom Enlow at a gala event in Cleveland. The award recognizes his outstanding support of children and families affected by epilepsy.

Can the human brain be mapped? A neurosurgeon lends gray matter to the debate

Dr. Roger Hudgins is the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Akron Children's Hospital.

As a pediatric neurosurgeon and director of Akron Children’s NeuroDevelopmental Science Center, Dr. Roger Hudgins knows the brain and sees, on a daily basis, the devastating effect these some of these conditions have on children and their families. Here are some of his thoughts on President Obama’s brain-mapping proposal and its chances for success.

Neurosurgeon is one “Tough Mudder”


A typical day for Dr. Tsulee Chen starts off with feeding and walking her dogs at the crack of dawn, followed by running 10 miles in preparation for a Tough Mudder event, a hardcore 10- to 12-mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces.

My 2q23.1 Miracle Child!

Owen getting ready to take off!

This is a story of a remarkable child named Owen. He was born via planned C-section with no major complications at birth.

#TechTuesday: Seizuretracker allows parents of kids with epilepsy to journal episodes


Have you ever noticed that your car never seems to make that knocking sound when you take it to the mechanic for a tune up?

Parents of children with epilepsy sometimes experience a similar problem explaining their children’s seizures to their epileptologist.

Dr. Deborah Holder, director of epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology at Akron Children’s Hospital, knows the problem all too well. Parents report the child is seizing, sometimes as many as 200 seizures a day.