How my son got stitches without knowing it

My 11-year-old son, Carson, was seen at the Hudson ER on February 2nd for a small laceration above his lip. Doug Lehner was the ER personnel that took excellent care of us during our visit. My son was terrified to get stitches. Doug slowly and calmly explained everything he was going to do. He showed […]

A day in the life: Admitting

When she began her career here at the age of 24, Debbie Baldwin didn’t plan on working at Akron Children’s Hospital for nearly 40 years, but “the years flew by.” As the lead patient access representative for the Emergency department, she not only loves what she does, she’s clearly good at it as well.

Ella’s first trip to the ER

First, I would like to start by saying that it is hard to choose just one story because all of my experiences at Akron Children’s Hospital have been exceptional.

How will healthcare look in 20 years? That would be nice to know as we build now

As Akron Children’s Hospital moves forward with its $200 million campus expansion, a crystal ball would come in handy. With healthcare reform, changing demographics, and other uncertainties, our goal is to build flexibility into our design in every way possible. We can make educated guesses regarding future patient volumes and acuity, reimbursement levels, the always-changing technology and best practices for care, but they are just that – educated guesses.

Self-described decorators invited to help design our new critical care tower

Love to decorate, make crafts or design beautiful spaces virtually on Pinterest? Our interior designers are hosting a Town Hall meeting on Monday, Jan. 21, and would like your feedback on their ideas for our new six-story tower.

How the ER team will boost efficiency and reduce costs in new space

As our teams assemble to discuss and collaborate on best practices and design of Akron Children’s Hospital’s new $200 million critical care tower, participants continue to experience “Ah, ha!” moments.