Saying Thank You Can Be Hard To Do: Part II

I did not expect to feel such a strange, well, longing, for our time spent in the NICU and PICU. I know it’s odd, but there are times that I really miss the days (and nights) we spent at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Screaming is the New Spitting: Bekah Goes to the Doctor

Before heart surgery, taking Rebekah to a doctor was a very simple task. Our only real worry (other than that she would catch something from someone else) was that she would cover the office, doctor and nurses in puke.

What we’re missing

Sometimes it’s difficult when I think of all we’re missing out on. Rebekah will be 2 months old Jan. 12 and most of our family members have never seen her.  We haven’t passed her around to the visitors we do allow because of the germs they may be carrying.We haven’t tried out all of the […]

Learning the NICU dance

There’s a cliché you sometimes hear in the NICU—“Two steps forward, one step back.” Well, in the past seven and a half weeks Rebekah has been making leaps forward and only taking baby steps back. I guess we were just due for a bad day. In the past weeks, my husband, Christopher, and I have […]

Taking the long way to Akron

As soon as she was born, Rebekah spent a few hours under an oxygen hood at Trumbull Memorial. Nurses took blood and they reassured us that she’d probably be fine. A few hours later, we met the transport team that took her to St. Elizabeth’s. At St. E’s the nurses became our best friends. They […]