Increased competition for BRCA testing following Supreme Court ruling

Within a few days of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Myriad Genetics patent case, Akron Children’s geneticists have already heard from other laboratories offering genetic tests for hereditary cancers at lower prices.

A clinical geneticist applauds Angelina Jolie’s candor (Video)

Actress Angelina Jolie revealed May 13 in the New York Times that she quietly had a preventive double mastectomy after a genetic test showed she carries a mutation in the hereditary breast/ovarian cancer gene BRCA1.

Seven precious hours

Hello! So, I’ve been meaning to write this for the last four years, but in all honesty, time has gotten away from me. I figured better late than never. My only request is that you please pass this on to the nurses in the NICU, even if they don’t remember my story or my daughter, […]

Down syndrome child is a special blessing

A lot of people have been starting to ask me about my pregnancy and how I’ve dealt with learning about Isaiah’s diagnosis. We did not know prenatally that Isaiah had Down syndrome.

My 2q23.1 Miracle Child!

This is a story of a remarkable child named Owen. He was born via planned C-section with no major complications at birth.

A Q & A with Dr. Haynes Robinson: Doctor talks about genetics, mummies, an 800-pound gorilla and more

Dr. Haynes Robinson talks about his 50-year career, genetics, mummies, an 800-pound gorilla and his advice to doctors just starting out.