Calling Dr. Smith: His name may be common, but he’s anything but ordinary

When you ask for Dr. Smith in Akron Children’s Hospital’s Heart Center, 3 doctors will turn their head. But, if you ask for the Dr. Smith who has a golf ball collection, only one will stand up. Meet our newest clinical cardiologist, Brandon Smith. Although he has a common name, his determination in life and […]

Newborn screen to detect congenital heart defects saves lives

Brittani Hill credits her daughter’s life to Ohio’s newest addition to its newborn screening law, which requires the use of pulse oximetry to detect critical congenital heart disease. Her daughter, Taylor Lightner, seemed normal at birth but nurses at Alliance Community Hospital questioned the newborn’s oxygen level when doing the newly required test. Taylor was sent […]

Tears of joy after seeing our son pink for the first time after open heart surgery

One year ago around 8 a.m. we handed our son Jonathan at 10 months old, over to his heart surgeon for his second open heart surgery. When the surgeon came to talk to us about the surgery, they told us our son was pink. Tears came falling down, tears of relief.

Meet Our Amazing Angel Cam: Hypoplastic right ventricle

As I sit back and reflect on this past year, I can’t help but shed tears of both happiness and sadness. We are coming up to Cam’s first Birthday, a day that I feared we would never see.

Artists with heart (Photo gallery)

Thanks to the generosity of a grateful mother, the walls at Akron Children’s Hospital’s Heart Center are coming alive with our patients’ best artwork. The artwork was recently donated to the Heart Center by Tiffini Wright, whose son, Dominic, was born with a congenital heart defect and received treatment at the hospital. The pieces are […]

My “Every Day Hero” Dr. John Clark

My “every day hero” is my cardiologist Dr. John Clark. I chose this amazing hero because he saved my life!