Anxiously awaiting D-day

Megs and Randy

The bags and snacks are packed, the car seat is in place, the snoedel has been cuddled with, and the camera is ready. I really can’t believe how fast our date has come. We are both anxious and excited. We’ve talked to our specialists and doctors to try to be as prepared as one can […]

Final countdown for D-Day

Megs and Randy Pollock

We are less than a week away of meeting our little Peanut face to face. It’s crunch time! The room has been painted, furniture assembled, and laundry is ready to be washed. We met with a pediatrician last week, but feel we need to meet with another just to make sure of our comfort level. […]

3 weeks til’ D-day


What a week! We had our doctors’ appointments with my OB, Dr. John Stewart, and pediatric neurosurgeon Roger Hudgins. I was pretty anxious for the ultrasound, wondering if the ventricles have grown and if there was going to be anything new. It’s one of those times that will always stick out in my mind, watching […]

Counting down the weeks until D-day


Four weeks from today we will meet our little peanut. The countdown is on. Randy and I picked up the paint for the nursery last night and will be getting the stencil in the next few days. Randy painted over the Star Wars spaceship that the previous owner had painted on the wall. It didn’t […]

7 weeks ‘til our lil Peanut arrives

Megs talks with Dr. Stewart at exam

I can’t believe we are 7 weeks away from seeing our little Peanut. Randy and I are excited and anxious about becoming parents. It’s been crazy with the start of my new job, preparing for showers, deciding what to register for, and preparing how we want to decorate the nursery – not to mention picking […]

Big day of meetings at Akron Children’s

Randy and Megs Pollock

What a day we had on April 11! We started the day at Dr. Stewart’s office.  Of course, it started with a pretty significant delay due to all of the women having babies. We met a new ultrasound tech, so we were curious to see what she thought as she took her first glimpse at […]