Holiday Tree Festival volunteer spotlight: Jolea Swann

For 32 years, the Holiday Tree Festival has been presented to the community by the volunteers of Akron Children’s Hospital. It is the commitment of the volunteers that has made the festival a successful event that draws more than 250,000 attendees every year.

Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: Gateway to Christmas

For many, Christmas cannot come too soon. It creeps its way into the fall, and many welcome it with open arms. “Gateway to Christmas” ushers in the winter months, while still acknowledging the fall season.

Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: The Joy of Christmas

Donated by Stan’s Towing, “The Joy of Christmas” lights up the room. Decorator Jill Pangas, her sister, Renee Campbell, and her mother, Fay Perry, used a classic red and green color scheme with yellow and blue ornaments to make this tree shine.

Holiday Tree Festival Spotlight: I Promise

“I Promise” was donated by the LeBron James Family Foundation. The tree beautifully encompasses the primary colors, blue, red and yellow and school items, such as pens, pencils, rulers. It also features a digital picture frame with photos of the sports icon with local students.