Things to think about when you’re considering international adoption (VIDEO)

In this Children’s Channel video, Vince DeGeorge, PhD, a behavioral health specialist at Akron Children’s Hospital’s Oak Adoptive Health Center, lists some of the key considerations for families thinking about international adoption.

Adoption, not birth, allow this mother-daughter to share a genetic bond (Photo Gallery) Geneticist and young girl have Turner syndrome

The Chinese New Year, a day to celebrate good fortune and happiness, is coming up on Feb. 10. But the holiday came early for Dr. Catherine Ward-Melver and her newly adopted daughter, Zoe, who is Chinese. Dr. Ward-Melver, a clinical geneticist in Akron Children’s Genetics Center, and her husband, Kevin, traveled to China in early December to complete the adoption and bring 3-year-old Zoe back to Akron to start their new life together. Zoe was not only given the gift of loving parents and a new home but a mother who shares a special bond. Both Dr. Ward-Melver and Zoe have Turner syndrome, a genetic condition in which a woman does not have the usual pair of two X chromosomes.

A recap of Akron Children’s Global Health Conference

More than 120 people attended the first Global Health Conference, hosted by Akron Children’s Hospital. The conference focused on the children of Haiti, with workshops covering public policy, case presentations, and personal stories from doctors and nurses who’ve provided care in Haiti.