Practicing what we preach: On the receiving end of patient-centered care

As a member of the PR and marketing department at the hospital for 16 years, Andrea Joliet has worked with families and written about their experiences at Akron Children’s, but she certainly never expected to be one of those families.

Thank God for Akron Children’s

As an 18 year old, in August of 1991, I left Middletown, Ohio for Akron to attend the University of Akron. Earlier that year, in February, I began peritoneal dialysis. I had a rough go of it those few months I spent in Akron, but the dialysis staff helped keep me alive.

A time of thanksgiving

Today on the Akron Children’s Hospital Facebook page, we asked our friends what they are thankful for. For me, I am so grateful for the compassionate and knowledgeable doctors who saved my daughter’s life in 2009 when she contracted a bacterial infection. I especially want to thank kidney specialist Dr. Prebis, as well as Drs. Pope, Bigham, Tirodker and Malhotra of […]