Jordan makes it through the Wipe Out

ordan has become more confident in his new skills, pulling himself up on his knees to check out what’s on the coffee table or attempting to position himself on our laps. He also enjoys finding our dog Sasha’s bone to give to her.

Jordan turns 1

We officially have a 1 year old in our home. We are so blessed with such an amazing son being entrusted in our care. I would have never dreamed life with our child would be so rewarding. I’d like to share some of the letter I’ve written for our little man for his birthday.

Add Dr. Jones to the list of amazing doctors at Akron Children’s

Dr. Kerwyn Jones is another doctor who is so calm and gentle with his presentation. He explained the x-rays and ultrasound results we had during our stay in the NICU. Jordan’s hips are strong in the hip socket, which will allow him to move them without coming out of place. I thought they were, but […]

Jordan’s final days in the NICU

Jordan has one less tube today. The NG (feeding) tube came out because our neonatologist said we could feed the little guy on demand to try to increase his intake. We are really pushing to get the ok to get home. We’ve had visits from the occupational, physical and speech therapists. Jordan’s head and neck […]

Reflecting on days 6 and 7 of Jordan’s NICU stay

Jordan’s head continues to appear less swollen. We are so thankful the shunt seems to be working as it should. We officially checked in at Akron Children’s Reinberger Family Center, near the NICU. The rooms are available on a night-to-night basis so you check in and out daily. It’s so convenient to be so close to […]

Looking back on days 2 and 3 of Jordan’s NICU stay

Life at the Pollock house is great. We are loving every moment we spend together as a family. Jordan is doing great with feeding. Some nights I have to wake up to him wiggling around when he’s ready. One of the sweetest moments has been listening to Randy read to Jordan in the morning while […]