Our faith helps us in both good and hard times


As we’ve journeyed through, life, we have come to rely more and more on our faith to carry us through the good and the hard times. We understand only so much of what happens is truly in our control. We feel that God has brought each member of our family together on purpose.

Finding the right wheels for Jordan’s motor


Jordan continues to grow into his own little person, daily. His language is one of our favorite pieces of this puzzle. His words have turned into short sentences and his sentences conversation followed by myriad facial expressions.

Jordan’s Myelo Clinic visit full of joy and laughter

Randy and Jordan

I’m not sure if looking forward or anxiously awaiting is the correct phrase to describe how we felt going into our Myelo Clinic appointment in June. Our last was in December so we were ready to see what our doctors had to say about our little man’s progress.

Navigating the waters with Jordan

Jordan doing aqua therapy

Jordan has been growing a little more each day. His language skills are blooming, mobility improving, and he’s becoming more involved in services that are provided to kids who may need a little more assistance blooming into who they are.

Jordan’s 18-month Myelo Clinic appointment goes well

Dr. Micah Baird keeps the Pollocks entertained with his assessment techniques.

Jordan’s 18 month Myelo Clinic day at Akron Children’s Hospital arrived with what seems like the same anxiety and excitement as we’ve had in the past.

Hearing cheering in Seville? That’s Randy and Megs celebrating

Dr. Kerwyn Jones (seated), director of pediatric orthopedic surgery, talks with Megs and Randy during Jordan’s visit.

If you heard a little “yahhooo” coming from around the Seville area today around noon, it was Randy and I celebrating our little super hero’s good report from Myelo Clinic. I guess it’s one of those things that as a parent, you think your child is doing well but need the affirmation from the professionals that they see the improvements as well.