Finishing touches to New NICU begins


Now that Akron Children’s has been handed the keys for its new neonatal intensive care unit at St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, all of the hard work from the past 18 months will be put into practice.

Lasting friendships form in NICU


Rebekah spent the first five weeks of her NICU stay with a variety of neighbors. Some had parents we loved, and some we never really knew. The last five weeks of her stay were spent in a double room in the TLC section of Akron Children’s NICU with Tailyn Dailey and her family.

Expectant parents appreciate coordinated care

Nurse Kelly Powell and Julie Wright take Megan and Mark Postak on a tour of the NICU.

After a brief tour of Akron Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, mom-to-be Megan Postak turned to her husband, Mark, and said, “These nurses know what they are doing so I can go home and sleep.”

Meet Peightyn, Our Tiniest Hero (Videos) Prenatal blood transfusions were life-saving treatment for Peightyn


By the time Peightyn was born, she had already received three blood transfusions. That’s because at 26-weeks pregnant, her mom, Ashleigh, developed antibodies against her unborn baby’s blood type, which caused Peightyn’s organs to swell and her body to begin to shut down.

Seven precious hours


Hello! So, I’ve been meaning to write this for the last four years, but in all honesty, time has gotten away from me. I figured better late than never. My only request is that you please pass this on to the nurses in the NICU, even if they don’t remember my story or my daughter, […]

Shortage of donor breast milk is a growing concern

Donated breast milk is prescribed like medicine to preemies in Akron Children's NICU.

There has been growing concern at Akron Children’s and other hospitals throughout Ohio as the milk bank has not been able to fulfill the demand for donated breastmilk.