Daughters happy and healthy after overcoming twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome


My husband, Ben, and I had identical twin girls born at 29 weeks on January 25, 2014. The girls were born prematurely because of complications due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.

Paramedic fosters donation of “angel gowns” for grieving families

Angel gowns

MIchelle Myers contacted Michelle Matthews of “Angel Gowns by Michelle” back in November 2014, and within weeks the hospital received 25 gowns, caps and little wraps for micro-preemies. Matthews has been making these gowns, most of them not much longer than a pencil to fit these tiniest of babies, after seeing first-hand while working in a NICU the grief parents go through after losing a newborn.

Thanks for saving my 2 sons

Nikki Beckwith‎

I wanted to share a special thanks to Akron Children’s NICU, surgery teams, ER, and the infant toddler unit on the 7th floor. As well as other staff who help run this incredible hospital.

After spending 200 days in NICU, 24-week preemies are healthy toddlers


Alexis Host started off with a normal pregnancy. Then she found out she was having twins. Even though she visited her doctor every 2 weeks and strictly followed their orders, she slowly started going into labor at 22 weeks. After 2 weeks of bed rest, Alexis had an emergency C-section and delivered twins Charlee and […]

Mahoning Valley NICU and special care nursery were there for me and my triplets … every step of the way


Shocked. That’s how I would describe my reaction when they told me that I was having triplets. Shocked and scared. But that changed immediately when the team at Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley stepped up to become my partner, and they stayed with me every step of the way.

Change Bandit Spotlight: Thanking Akron Children’s for 12 years of care

Reymann family

Our connection to Akron Children’s Hospital goes back 12 years. Our first son, Derek, was born 5 weeks early via emergency C-section after a placenta abruption and was brought to Akron Children’s neonatal intensive care unit.