Speech and OT group therapy helps kids with special needs get school ready

For kids with significant developmental delays, such as 4-year-old Jocelyn, the process of getting school ready is much more involved than gathering the necessary supplies and selecting the perfect backpack. To help Jocelyn and other children with severe speech and language problems, a speech pathologist and occupational therapist at Akron Children’s Hospital developed a summer pilot group to help pre-K kids with augmentative communication devices get ready for school.

Luke finds winning team in rehab services

Akron Children’s Rehabilitation Program gave my son his life back. I know it seems cliché, but Luke wouldn’t be here, in the amazing capacity that he is, if we hadn’t lived day in and day out there for the six months that we did.

Jane and Jude’s growing and changing a mixed bag

It seems like forever since I have taken pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be. It’s not because I didn’t think about blogging, it’s not because I haven’t wanted to blog, it’s not because I haven’t had anything to blog about. Quite on the contrary. It’s because, the 2 main subjects of this blog, Jane and Jude, have been sucking every hour out of every day and every minute of every hour with all things, good, tough, new, old, fun, challenging, happy, frightening and ultimately fulfilling.

A Day in the Life: Occupational Therapist April is Occupational Therapy Month

“Sometimes people are surprised when they find out that children receive occupational therapy. But a child’s occupation is being a child, and we work on skills they need to be successful,” said occupational therapist Jordyn Farver. These activities can include brushing teeth and getting dressed − or skills a child may need to succeed in school, such as writing or cutting with scissors.

Inpatient rehabilitation unit helps children with complex medical, physical and functional needs

Children can spend years in rehabilitation, depending on their illness or injury. So it comes as no surprise that they often form close bonds with their caregivers and therapists as they overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Febrile seizures: A new challenge for the new year

I think if we needed to close out the year of 2012 with a bang and start with a clean slate we would score a 10.