Why do I feel something is missing on Sam?


I am so used to seeing Bekah’s faint little open heart surgery scar on her chest that now I feel like something is missing when I see Sam.

Sharing Bekah’s story as a NICU and heart patient brings holiday hopes and wishes

Chris holding Bekah

As proud parents of a NICU graduate and an open heart surgery survivor, Chris and I are never shy about sharing the story of Rebekah’s hospital experience, or what it was like to be there as her parents.

Bekah’s journey from a NICU baby and open heart surgery patient to a healthy 2 year old

Bekah turns 2!

I’ve been surprised each year on Bekah’s birthday by the range of emotions I feel. At almost 39 weeks pregnant, and with a wild and crazy now 2-year-old for a trusty helper, Bekah and I prepared for her birthday party.

Torticollis is not a name of a turtle


When we left Akron Children’s NICU with Rebekah on Jan. 21, 2012, Christopher and I knew that open heart surgery was looming in the near future. We also knew of, but definitely weren’t nearly as worried about, a little bit of torticollis (twisted neck) she had going on.

Meet Katherine, the Little Engine That Could (Video) Katherine doesn't let 15 heart procedures slow her down


When you meet Katherine, you’ll be immediately drawn in by her vivacious personality, seemingly endless energy, and love for dance and performing. What you won’t notice are the 15 procedures she’s had on her heart, all before turning 12.

No one patches pants, but hearts are another story


March 5, 2012, was a long day. We knew that the next morning we’d be taking Bekah to Akron Children’s Hospital for open heart surgery. It seemed like we spent the entire day just watching the clock, calculating how much time we had to spend with our baby girl before we needed to leave for the hospital.