“My heels are killing me!” What is this mysterious heel pain that plagues young athletes?

After a long weekend of playing multiple soccer games on hard, dry grass, I can distinctly remember walking around like a geriatric man after a workout at Silver Sneakers. I limped around making painful noises and whining about heel pain. My heels became very sore, felt swollen, and were tender to touch. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I probably had Sever’s disease.

Warren parent lauds convenience of new, nearby lab and specialty services

When Victoria Alarcon moved to Warren, Ohio, from the San Diego area in October 2013 her first priority was to find convenient, experienced healthcare providers for her daughter. “We were very blessed to find Dr. Amy Young at Akron Children’s Hospital Pediatrics-Warren.

2012 has been a year of blessings

Reflecting back on 2012 is exciting. The big events for us include Jordan sitting up by himself, scooting, crawling, getting his first teeth, taking trips together and introducing him to our family and friends.

Akron Children’s receives $302,178 from Kohl’s Cares for fitness programs

Akron Children’s received $302, 178 from Kohl’s Cares® for the hospital’s Future Fitness Clubs during a check presentation held in conjunction with the Akron Marathon Kids’ Run on Sept. 29.

Two steps forward…

Jordan’s Myelo Clinic appointment was scheduled for last Thursday to meet with his specialists and have some testing for information regarding his shunt and renal (kidney) function. He usually has an ultrasound for both of these tests but due to his soft spot closing, he will now have a CT scan for his shunt to […]

Reality hits us at Myelo Clinic visit

Our visit with the Myelo Clinic at Akron Children’s Hospital last week felt like we were prescribed a small dose of reality. Our hearts long for the hope that Jordan’s head, bladder, bowels, and legs will do more than the diagnosis tells us. I came prepared to ask the question about where each specialist feels […]